Meet The Founders

Kevin Flikinger

Saskatchewan born, Alberta raised. Kevin has been an avid hunter for over 30 years. He has hunted and guided all across Canada from the prairies for deer and antelope to the Rocky Mountains for sheep, moose and elk. As a father of three, one of his biggest passions is teaching this incredible sport to youth hunters. Watching them learn fundamental skills while understanding the laws, regulations, ethics and sportsmanship to be successful. Kevin had a vision for years to build a product that is both innovative and technically sound. He is very proud to be apart of developing a product that accompanies the latest technology of fabric designs that are suitable for all conditions. Off The Grid's products are tried, tested and proven to withstand all elements. Kevin and Gord are excited to be able to share with their hunting communities and will continue to be innovative as they proceed along this journey.

Gord Bamford

Australian-born and Alberta-raised, Gord stands as one of the most decorated artists in Canadian country music. He has built a loyal fanbase over the past decade with his traditional Country persona and captivating live shows and has been the recipient of 26 Canadian Country Music Association and multiple JUNO nominations. Gord is a father of three and his hunting roots run deep as this is one of his greatest passions next to touring and performing live music. He has enjoyed a lot of time in the field with his children sharing unforgettable experiences and memories along the way.

In collaboration on a new venture

Together, Kevin and Gord are embarking on a journey that has already proven to be very rewarding. Taking their products from round table discussions following a long day of hunting, from concepts to fruition, and then finally to see the launch of products that they both standby and are extremely proud of. They look forward have their products tested out to their fullest.